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The best motorcycle transmission kits at the best price, choose the right product for your needs and save immediately. Wide selection of sprocket crowns for multi-brand bikes. The most famous brands at reduced prices.

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Reference: EK420DEH120

Brand: EK (Enuma Chain)

Transmission chain pitch 420 DEH 120 links

EK transmission chain pitch 420 DEH with false link, length 120 links. Code EK420DEH120. EK guarantees superior quality and competitive prices for its products. Produced with high quality standards, and in tempered alloy, the Japanese EK chains are aimed at small, medium and large displacement motorcycles that can thus take advantage of the same...

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Reference: 478 C45T

Brand: PBR

Pbr rear sprocket for Kawasaki from z43 to z46

Pbr C45T hardened rear sprocket for Kawasaki available from 43 to 46 teeth. The hardened version greatly increases the life of the crown, ideal for road use and long journeys. Central hole: 80mm Screw hole: 10.5mm Distance between fixing holes: 104mm Chain pitch: 520 Pbr code: 478 (43-45-46) C45T

Price €40.26
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Reference: 585F 14 18NC

Brand: PBR

Perforated PBR sprocket for chain pitch 520 (z14 z15 z16 z17 z18 z19)

Perforated PBR sprocket for chain pitch 520, sprocket is made of steel. The PBR steel sprockets for 2 and 4T motorcycles combine high qualities of strength and durability with an optimal weight, lighter than the original models. This happens thanks to the construction in 18NCD5 tempered steel with high resistance treatment and lightening holes. This...

Price €19.00
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