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Shock absorbers and forks


The "Shock Absorbers and Forks" category on Xmotorstore offers a wide range of suspension solutions for a variety of vehicles, including motorcycles, scooters, Ohvale and universal options.

Explore our assortment to find shock absorbers and forks specifically designed for your motorcycle or scooter, ensuring perfect fit and a significant improvement in your maneuvering capabilities. If you are an Ohvale enthusiast, you will find specialized options to optimize the suspension of these high-precision racing bikes.

Additionally, we offer universal shocks and forks, ideal for those looking for versatile suspension solutions for a wide range of vehicles. Our selection is complete and will guarantee a smoother driving experience, greater stability and better handling of road roughness.

Choose Xmotorstore to find high-quality shock absorbers and forks that meet your specific needs, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride. Our wide range of options allows you to customize your suspension based on your preferences and the characteristics of your vehicle.

Save money and improve the performance of your vehicle with our shocks and forks. Explore our selection now and discover high-quality suspension solutions for your motorcycle, scooter, Ohvale, pitbike and more. XMotorStore is your ideal destination to enhance your driving experience.

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Reference: 01.AM.0040.L

Brand: Ohvale

Rear shock absorber Ohvale Gp-0 Gp-2 K140 01.AM.0040.L

Dnm rear shock absorber for Ohvale Gp-0 and Gp-2 with K140 spring. Ohvale Code: 01.AM.0040.L Compatible shock absorber for: Ohvale GP-0 110 A rear shock absorber. Ohvale GP-0 110 4S rear shock absorber. Ohvale GP-0 160 4S rear shock absorber. Ohvale GP-0 Daytona 190 rear shock absorber. Ohvale GP-2 rear shock absorber.

Price €262.30
In Stock

Reference: 01.FA.0120.L

Brand: Ohvale

Andreani cartridges for Ohvale Gp-0 01.FA.0120.L

Andreani cartridges for Ohvale Gp-0. Andreani cartridge kit complete with springs and compression and return caps, for Ohvale Gp-0 (NO EVO). Ohvale code: 01.FA.0120.L Warning: Not compatible with the EVO version, and not usable in the official Ohvale championship.

Price €602.01 Regular price €684.10
In Stock

Reference: AKMM013002-50

Brand: Tecnominimoto

Bzm minibike steering damper rod

Bzm minibike steering damper rod. Replacement kit for the overhaul of the steering damper rod for minibikes, compatible with: Bzm, Tcm, Grc. The shock absorber rod includes the 2 sealing O-rings. We recommend purchasing the AKMM013002-60 kit in combination.

Price €42.70
In Stock

Reference: AKMM013002-60

Brand: BZM

Bzm Tcm minibike steering damper overhaul kit

Bzm Tcm minibike steering damper overhaul kit. Kit for overhauling the steering damper for Bzm minibikes, also compatible with Tcm. The kit includes: 2 Oil seals. 6 sealing O-rings (2 of which are not visible in the photo as they are mounted on the bushings). 2 aluminum bushes. Adjustment ring.

Price €27.45
In Stock

Reference: Kit-revisione-fg-gubellini

Fg Gubellini minibike steering damper overhaul kit

Fg Gubellini minibike steering damper overhaul kit. Kit for overhauling the steering damper for minibikes, consisting of: Complete OR kits. Oil seal kit. Specific hydraulic oil for steering damper. Attention: photo purely illustrative, the actual kit differs from the images. Attention: we recommend contacting a specialized workshop to assemble the kit.

Price €92.72
In Stock

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