These conditions govern the sale and supply of products by XMOTORSTORE.com based in Turin, Strada di Settimo 33, CAP 10156, Italy, P. Iva 11244840010. XMOTORSTORE.com may modify these conditions in the future; in case you will be informed promptly with a notice that will be published on our site.


From today, making purchases in XMOTORSTORE.com is as simple as sending an e-mail; upon free registration, select the product that best suits your needs on the pages of the site. For each type of products, you will find the "cart" where to place your purchases. Just fill in indicating your personal details, the payment you prefer, and of course the chosen product. After completing the form, click on the SEND button and immediately the order will be transmitted to our server.


XMOTORSTORE.com has the right to cancel or defer, in whole or in part, orders as a result of the impossibility of supply due to force majeure that may occur at our suppliers. These eventualities relieve us from obligations previously assumed with the acceptance of the order and exclude any request for compensation for damages to us either directly or through revenge. Unless otherwise agreed, the delivery terms must be understood as indicative and do not commit XMOTORSTORE.com. XMOTORSTORE.com is not required to pay indemnity whatsoever for any direct or indirect damage due to delays in delivery or interruption or partial or total resolution of the supply.


The delivery will be made throughout Italy only and exclusively with a courier chosen by XMOTORSTORE.com according to an evaluation of opportunities and convenience. Delivery by courier takes place in free port directly to your home, generally from 24 to 72 hours from shipment. Together with the goods are sent the warranty documents issued by the manufacturer (alternatively our sales documents are sufficient), to be stored with care. We recommend checking the number and the good condition of the packages, otherwise the complaint must be made immediately to the courier. The goods travel on behalf and at the risk of the customer even in the case of sale for special agreements to free destination. In case of tampering, failures, shortages, etc. before the goods are picked up and in the presence of the carrier, it will be the responsibility of the recipient to prepare a report of acceptance of any irregularities found and of the damages suffered. Complaints related to the shipment or delivery of the goods and its quality and quantity, must be made strictly no later than 3 days from the date of arrival of the goods. In case of claim for shortages or product failures, they will be accepted only if accompanied by a copy of the delivery note on which the reservations made to the carrier upon receipt of the shipment will appear. Complaints regarding invoices must be strictly communicated no later than 15 days from the date of arrival of the document. XMOTORSTORE.com will not be held responsible for the results that customers have to obtain using goods sold to them. Any complaints or disputes concerning a single delivery of goods do not exonerate the buyer from the obligation to collect the remaining quantity of goods within the limits of the order or commitment undertaken. The buyer renounces to propose exceptions without having previously fulfilled his obligations.


Should the goods ordered by XMOTORSTORE.com be delivered outside of Italy, you may be subject to import duties and taxes, payable once the package reaches the specified destination. Any additional cost of customs clearance will be at your expense. We do not control these costs and can not predict the amount. Customs policies vary considerably from country to country and you should therefore contact your local customs office for further information. Please also keep in mind that when you place orders on the site, you are considered as an importer and are therefore required to comply with all the legislation and regulations of the country where you will receive the goods. Your privacy is important to us and we know that you care about how information about your order is used and shared. We would like our international customers and customers who ship products abroad to be aware that deliveries across borders are subject to the opening and inspection of products by customs authorities.


Deliveries will have a variable cost depending on weight / volume and distance and destination country. In case of payment with cash on delivery there will be an increase due to the cost retained by the courier for this operation. The exact calculation of the cost of shipments will in any case be calculated automatically before sending the order. All prices are indicated with the words I.V.A. included for private users.


The forms of payment stipulated are the following:

a) Cash on receipt of goods (with this type of payment a surcharge will be applied, indicated in the transport costs

b) Advance bank transfer.

c) Secure payment by credit card.

d) Payment via PostePay card recharge both online and in Posta spa.

e) Payment with the PayPal circuit


Your purchases on our site, as all remote purchases made by telephone or correspondence, as they occur outside commercial premises, are subject to Legislative Decree n. 185 of 22/05/1999 which provides for the possibility for the purchaser to exercise the right of withdrawal.

- To whom the right of withdrawal applies. To natural persons (private consumers) who act for purposes that can be considered unrelated to their commercial activity.

- What is the right of withdrawal. The consumer has the right, within a period of 14 working days from receipt of goods, to exercise the RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL. This right consists of the right to return the purchased good to the seller and the consequent refund of the purchase price. It should be noted that in the case of premium transactions (the so-called promotions), in which the purchase of an asset is combined with another asset that is sold at a derisory price or given, the right of withdrawal may be legitimately exercised with the restitution of both goods object of the purchase, given the restriction of the accessibility of the asset in promotion compared to the first. In the case of promotions that include two or more goods and for which the promotion and therefore the particular price or the particular discount applied exist due to a combined purchase, the right of withdrawal is exercised over all the assets covered by the promotion.

- What items are excluded from the right of withdrawal. The right of withdrawal does not apply in the case of supply of goods made to measure or clearly personalized or which, by their nature, can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly. On our site, 80% of the products you find enjoy the right of withdrawal; some articles, however, although present on both our catalog and that of the manufacturer, can only be supplied to order as the same manufacturer supplies them and produces only on order. These items are only 20% and do not enjoy the right of withdrawal, are the classic items that we must order expressly to the manufacturer, who must build specifically for us.

- How to exercise the right of withdrawal.

First of all, it is good to have the following data available: - invoice or original sales document (it is always present outside the shipping or sent by email); - in case of partial withdrawal, article number (s); - bank details on which to obtain the bank transfer (IBAN Code - ABI - CAB - Current Account of the invoice holder). *

* In the event that the holder of the invoice object of the Withdrawal did not have its own bank details, it can provide those of a family member or acquaintance making explicit mention of authorization to XMOTORSTORE.COM to credit the amount on such bank account details. The right of withdrawal is exercised by sending to our address, within the deadline, a written and signed communication of the desire to exercise the right of withdrawal summarizing all the above and required data (including also the authorization to accredit the amount on a bank account held by a third party) by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. The communication can be sent, within the same term.condition that is confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within the following 48 hours.

How to return shipping. - after communicating the intention to exercise the right of withdrawal, carefully pack the materials in order to protect the original casings of the products from any damage, do not remove any written or label. - attach a copy of the communication of the right of withdrawal to the packaging. - Send the goods at their own expense, to the following address: XMOTORSTORE.com

Strada di Settimo 33, ZIP code 10156 TURIN - ITALY

How long is the transfer for the return made? XMOTORSTORE.com, if the above procedure is performed correctly, will provide within 30 working days of receipt of goods to make the credit to the customer of the amount paid on the invoice.

Attention: return shipments without a copy of the notice of intent to exercise the right of withdrawal, or in any case without a copy of the invoice or order number on the package will not be accepted by the XMOTORSTORE.com Warehouse. however with expenses at our expense.


Some products in XMOTORSTORE.com are reserved exclusively for competitions and / or in any case may not be homologated for use on the road. The installation of these and / or other products approved in any case must be performed by specialized personnel as required by law. XMOTORSTORE.com assumes no responsibility in the event of improper use or improper assembly.

All vehicles considered as competition vehicles are not subject to the standard warranty of the U.E. All consumables can not be guaranteed.

All products have the warranty period expressed directly by the manufacturer.

After the test operation to be made upon delivery, or in the case of shipment after 7 days from the delivery date, we will no longer be responsible for any faults that will be fully borne by the purchaser. Remember to always follow the assembly instructions provided in the use and maintenance manual. We will not be responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle due to improper use or assembly. In case of operation of the XMOTORSTORE.COM warranty, the Customer will only be entitled to replace the damaged products upon return of the same, being excluded the right of the Customer to compensation for any damage, even further. XMOTORSTORE.COM, does not give any guarantee regarding the compatibility of products with other products or equipment used by the Customer, nor provides any guarantee regarding the suitability of the products for the specific use intended by the Customer.


For any controversy, the buyer accepts the Court of Turin as the only competent court.

For any translations into other languages ​​that are not perfectly correct, the Italian version will always be valid.


All products offered for sale in "used corner", are products sold from private to private; XMOTORSTORE.COM is only the means and offers sellers a completely free online storefront service and sales promotion. In no way can XMOTORSTORE.COM ascribe any discrepancy from the descriptions or guarantees on said products, as the sale is exclusively and exclusively between private individuals. Obviously, the products in the showcase used are however verified by XMOTORSTORE.COM before the exhibition, in order to offer support to the interested buyer.

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