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Ohvale graphics kit


If you're looking to personalize your Ohvale, stickers and graphics can be a great way to add a personal touch to your ride. Stickers and graphics are also a great option if you want to change the color of your bike without having to paint it.

Plus, the stickers and graphics are easy to apply and remove, meaning you can easily update the look of your bike whenever you want. There are many design options to choose from, so you can find stickers and graphics that suit your personal tastes.

At xmotorstore, we offer a large selection of stickers and graphics for Ohvale, all made with high quality materials and printed with UV resistant inks, ensuring long life and protection against fading and scratches.

We also offer the possibility to personalize your stickers and graphics, so they can be made exactly how you want them, with the possibility to choose the design, size and colours.

Choosing the right stickers and graphics for your Ohvale motorcycle can be a big decision, but with our huge selection and customization options, we're sure to find the perfect fit to suit your needs. With our high quality products and our focus on customer service, you can rest assured that you are making a satisfying and long-lasting purchase.

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Reference: grafica-ohvale-aprilia


Ohvale graphics Aprilia style

Aprilia style Ohvale graphics, very simple to apply as they are already adhesive in every point, protect the paint from superficial scratches and wear. Possibility of modifications on request of the pilot number. The waiting time may vary depending on the modification requested.

Price €179.00
In Stock

Reference: GRF.OHV.BMW


Ohvale graphics BMW style

Stickers set for Ohvale, the graphic kit is ideal for giving a unique look to your Ohvale, protecting it from scratches and wear. The adhesives are easy to apply, they do not require glues.

Price €181.78
In Stock

Reference: GRF.OHV.M3

Brand: Ohvale

Graphics for Ohvale Moto3 GP

Graphics for Ohvale Moto3 GP. The graphics are adhesive, easy to apply. The graphics kit is ideal for giving your Ohvale a unique look, protecting it from scratches and wear.

Price €160.00
In Stock

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