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H2o cooling system
minimoto H2o cooling system

H2o cooling system

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Reference: pmp.h2o.tcm

Brand: Tecnominimoto

D.35 minimoto water pump plus

Minibike water pump d.35 increased, increases the flow of water in the cooling system, ensuring better engine performance. We recommend the use of silicone tubing to achieve maximum water cooling performance.

Price €75.56
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Reference: 132

Brand: DM

Increased Dm minibike radiator

Increased Dm minibike radiator, the oversized Dm radiator is dedicated to racing minibikes, it allows better engine cooling even in the most extreme conditions of use. Radiator weight Dm: 566 grams Pipe connections: 10 mm Attention: Artisan radiator handmade to order, delivery time 30 days.

Price €390.40
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