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PBR is an international leader in the production of crowns and pinions. But these are not our only business. We produce in Italy and market all over the world transmission gears (crowns, pinions, chains and kits) and accessories (handlebars, half-handlebars, stabilizers, swingarm attachments, spray grease for chains, slider and Mecdraulic) for all types of motorcycles, both from race to serial. The competence in the sector, the reliability of the service and the speed of distribution have made the PBR brand known throughout the world and have allowed our products to be requested by the major market operators. A success achieved thanks to years of research into techniques and materials, which are combined with the manual skills of specialized craftsmen and the precision of industrial technologies with CNC machining.

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Reference: 4398 42 C45T

Brand: PBR

Suzuki Gsx-r sprocket in hardened steel 520 chain

Suzuki Gsx-r rear sprocket in hardened steel for 520 pitch chain. Available in size: Crown 42 Suzuki Gsx-r 4398 42 C45T Crown 43 Suzuki Gsx-r 4398 43 C45T Crown 45 Suzuki Gsx-r 4398 45 C45T Sprocket 47 Suzuki Gsx-r 4398 47 C45T Crown 48 Suzuki Gsx-r 4398 48 C45T Compatible with Triumph Daytona, Kawasaki Klv.

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Reference: 478 C45T

Brand: PBR

Pbr rear sprocket for Kawasaki from z43 to z46

Pbr C45T hardened rear sprocket for Kawasaki available from 43 to 46 teeth. The hardened version greatly increases the life of the crown, ideal for road use and long journeys. Central hole: 80mm Screw hole: 10.5mm Distance between fixing holes: 104mm Chain pitch: 520 Pbr code: 478 (43-45-46) C45T

Price €40.26
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Reference: 585F 14 18NC

Brand: PBR

Perforated PBR sprocket for chain pitch 520 (z14 z15 z16 z17 z18 z19)

Perforated PBR sprocket for chain pitch 520, sprocket is made of steel. The PBR steel sprockets for 2 and 4T motorcycles combine high qualities of strength and durability with an optimal weight, lighter than the original models. This happens thanks to the construction in 18NCD5 tempered steel with high resistance treatment and lightening holes. This...

Price €19.00
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Reference: EK1695G

Brand: PBR


Sprocket wheel chain kit for Kawasaki 650 Compatible models: KAWASAKI 650 ER-6F (ER 650) / ABS Year: 2006/2017 KAWASAKI 650 ER-6N (ER 650) / ABS Year: 2006/2017 KAWASAKI 650 EX650 NINJA 650R Year: 2010/2018 Kit Contents: Chain: EK520SRO6 114 Crown: 46 Pinion: 15 KIT code: EK1695G MOUNT WITHOUT ANY MODIFICATION AS AN ORIGINAL MOTION

Price €89.47 Regular price €127.82
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