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Shock absorber spare parts
Spare parts for shock absorbers and forks

Shock absorber spare parts

Welcome to our Motorcycle Shock Absorber Spare Parts Category.

At XMOTORSTORE, we take care of your motorcycle suspension needs by providing a wide range of motorcycle shock absorbers and suspension spare parts. We know how critical it is to keep your motorcycle in tip-top condition, and shock absorber components are a crucial aspect of ensuring a safe and comfortable ride on two wheels.

Our motorcycle suspension spare parts are carefully selected to ensure maximum quality and durability. We offer a variety of motorcycle suspension accessories, from replacement parts for the shocks themselves to replacement parts for specific shocks, to meet all your maintenance needs.

Road safety is of paramount importance, which is why XMOTORSTORE is committed to providing reliable, high-quality motorcycle suspension. Our motorcycle shock absorbers are designed to withstand the challenges of road travel, regardless of terrain or weather conditions.

If you are looking for high quality motorcycle suspension components, you are in the right place. Our experts are at your disposal to answer any questions or to help you find the most suitable motorcycle suspension spare parts for your model.

XMOTORSTORE is your one-stop shop for all your motorcycle suspension needs. Choose safety and quality. Choose XMOTORSTORE for your motorcycle shock absorber spare parts.

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Reference: AKMM013002-50

Brand: Tecnominimoto

Bzm minibike steering damper rod

Bzm minibike steering damper rod. Replacement kit for the overhaul of the steering damper rod for minibikes, compatible with: Bzm, Tcm, Grc. The shock absorber rod includes the 2 sealing O-rings. We recommend purchasing the AKMM013002-60 kit in combination.

Price €42.70
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Reference: AKMM013002-60

Brand: BZM

Bzm Tcm minibike steering damper overhaul kit

Bzm Tcm minibike steering damper overhaul kit. Kit for overhauling the steering damper for Bzm minibikes, also compatible with Tcm. The kit includes: 2 Oil seals. 6 sealing O-rings (2 of which are not visible in the photo as they are mounted on the bushings). 2 aluminum bushes. Adjustment ring.

Price €27.45
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Reference: Kit-revisione-fg-gubellini

Fg Gubellini minibike steering damper overhaul kit

Fg Gubellini minibike steering damper overhaul kit. Kit for overhauling the steering damper for minibikes, consisting of: Complete OR kits. Oil seal kit. Specific hydraulic oil for steering damper. Attention: photo purely illustrative, the actual kit differs from the images. Attention: we recommend contacting a specialized workshop to assemble the kit.

Price €92.72
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Reference: 050.2656


Steering tube for Vespa fork

Steering tube for Vespa fork Head tube for: Vespa 50, Vespa 125 Upper bearing code 050.2658 (for Piaggio zip and Vespa) Attention: for mounting on Vespa frames, the fork code 050.2655 must be used.

Price €54.66 Regular price €68.32
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