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Welcome to our category dedicated to motorcycle brake and clutch levers! Here you will find a large selection of high quality levers.

We offer a variety of motorcycle brake and clutch levers, suitable for different models and brands. Whether you are a sports, road or off-road motorcycle enthusiast, we have what you need. We are proud to partner with renowned brands in the industry to ensure the quality of our products. Whether you are looking for adjustable, light and resistant brake levers, or ergonomic and precise clutch levers, you will find everything you need in our online shop.

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Reference: 3069.04

Brand: Domino

Domino control with clutch lever and choke lever 3069.04

Handle control with aluminum clutch lever, choke lever, M10 mirror holder connection pitch 1.25 and detachable bracelet. Domino code: 3069.04 this throttle control is compatible for: Beta RR 50 clutch lever. Clutch lever Husqvarna TE-E 410 (00). Clutch lever Husqvarna TE-E 610 (00). Clutch lever Husqvarna TE E-LT 610 (00). Clutch lever Husqvarna TE E DUAL...

Price €44.84 Regular price €59.78
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Reference: 3009


Couple lever brake Stamas

Pair of Stamas brake levers, for mechanical cable brakes. The Stamas brake levers are adjustable, the distance of the lever from the knob is adjustable by means of a special screw. Compatible with 22mm half handlebars.

Price €37.80 Regular price €42.00
In Stock

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