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Reference: FM10101-40

Brand: Formula

Formula minimoto rear braided brake hose

Formula rear braided brake hose for minimoto. The Formula braided brake hose for minimoto improves braking and guarantees constant braking intensity even under stress, ideal as a replacement for your original. Formula tube length: 89 cm Formula Code: FM10101-40

Price €41.48
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Reference: TCM012

Brand: Tecnominimoto

TCM sintered minimoto jaws

TCM sintered minimoto jaws for minimoto clutch, the radius of the body mass increased by 20%, Teflon-coated bushing on the pin, racing friction paste, used by all types of engine, has obtained excellent performance even on official bikes, effective in 80mm bells . First break-in at 7500 rpm.

Price €38.69 Regular price €40.73
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Reference: 044

Brand: DM

Swingarm Dm 2021 wheelbase 272 mm

Minimoto swingarm Dm 2021 center distance 272 mm. The new Dm 2021 swingarm has been reinforced and improved, allowing a better ride and a longer life even in conditions of maximum stress. The mini bike will be more responsive and stable. Dm code: 044

Price €559.98
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