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Reference: MT1000 Multy

Brand: PZ Racing

Pzracing MT1000 Multy engine rpm and temperature indicator

Engine rpm and temperature indicator Pzracing MT1000 Multy version. Its extremely compact dimensions, the presence of internal batteries, the inductive detection of engine rpm and the M6 temperature sensor make Multy suitable for every type of vehicle, from minibikes to higher engine capacities. In addition to real-time display of engine rpm, Multy...

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Reference: 2KK6202BCS25


Calibrated racing minibike engine bearings

Koyo 2KK6202BCS25 calibrated racing minibike engine bearings. Special bearings for minibike racing engines, specific for racing engines, the manufacturing with tolerance calibration on the bearing allows perfect sliding of the crankshaft, without vibrations and with crazy performances. Compatible for: Polini minibike engine bearings. Ghr minibike engine...

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Reference: AKMM013002-50

Brand: Tecnominimoto

Bzm minibike steering damper rod

Bzm minibike steering damper rod. Replacement kit for the overhaul of the steering damper rod for minibikes, compatible with: Bzm, Tcm, Grc. The shock absorber rod includes the 2 sealing O-rings. We recommend purchasing the AKMM013002-60 kit in combination.

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Reference: 0H5-5320-00 (USB CABLE COMP.)

Brand: Arianetech

USB cable for Ariane K2RE minibike control unit calibration

USB cable for Ariane K2RE minibike control unit calibration. Cable for connection to the control unit of the Ariane K2RE electric minibike, the cable is necessary for setting the power of the minibike. With the cable and the appropriate program supplied separately, it will be possible to connect to the control unit and calibrate the minibike to your liking.

Price €231.80
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Reference: AKMM013002-60

Brand: BZM

Bzm Tcm minibike steering damper overhaul kit

Bzm Tcm minibike steering damper overhaul kit. Kit for overhauling the steering damper for Bzm minibikes, also compatible with Tcm. The kit includes: 2 Oil seals. 6 sealing O-rings (2 of which are not visible in the photo as they are mounted on the bushings). 2 aluminum bushes. Adjustment ring.

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