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Reference: TCM012

Brand: Tecnominimoto

TCM sintered minimoto jaws

TCM sintered minimoto jaws for minimoto clutch, the radius of the body mass increased by 20%, Teflon-coated bushing on the pin, racing friction paste, used by all types of engine, has obtained excellent performance even on official bikes, effective in 80mm bells . First break-in at 7500 rpm.

Price €38.69 Regular price €40.73
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Reference: 044

Brand: DM

Swingarm Dm 2021 wheelbase 272 mm

Minimoto swingarm Dm 2021 center distance 272 mm. The new Dm 2021 swingarm has been reinforced and improved, allowing a better ride and a longer life even in conditions of maximum stress. The mini bike will be more responsive and stable. Dm code: 044

Price €559.98
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