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Reference: zoc100.0504

Brand: Zocchi

Minimoto clutch shim kit

Minimoto clutch shim kit. Kit of washers for calibrating the minibike clutch weights. These "shims" are used to create the correct clearance between the bell and the minibike clutch. As a general rule, the total difference in diameter between the bell and the clutch must be 1 cm. (always check based on brand and model).

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Reference: Molle.rac.cs

Brand: CS Racing

Cs muffler exhaust fitting springs

Cs muffler exhaust fitting springs. Short cs minibike muffler springs, these springs are applied between the "cylinder" connection and the exhaust manifold. Attention: pair of springs, specific for Cs minibike muffler.

Price €7.00
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Reference: MT1000 Multy

Brand: PZ Racing

Pzracing MT1000 Multy engine rpm and temperature indicator

Engine rpm and temperature indicator Pzracing MT1000 Multy version. Its extremely compact dimensions, the presence of internal batteries, the inductive detection of engine rpm and the M6 temperature sensor make Multy suitable for every type of vehicle, from minibikes to higher engine capacities. In addition to real-time display of engine rpm, Multy...

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Reference: 2KK6202BCS25


Calibrated racing minibike engine bearings

Koyo 2KK6202BCS25 calibrated racing minibike engine bearings. Special bearings for minibike racing engines, specific for racing engines, the manufacturing with tolerance calibration on the bearing allows perfect sliding of the crankshaft, without vibrations and with crazy performances. Compatible for: Polini minibike engine bearings. Ghr minibike engine...

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