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Electrical system for motorcycles and scooters


Motorcycle electrical system and spare parts, in this category you will find a wide selection of spare parts such as: engine ignition, stator, rotor, coil, control unit, wiring, electrical system. You will find the best brands of electrical systems for motorcycles and scooters and spare parts, such as: Polini electrical system, Malossi electrical system, Polini ignition, Polini stator, Polini flywheel, Malossi flywheel, Malossi stator, original spare parts for scooter and motorcycle electrical systems. Some examples of products: Polini am6 ignition, Polini vespa ignition, Polini Piaggio ignition, Polini cone 20 ignition, Polini cone 19 ignition, Piaggio malossi ignition, Malossi ciao ignition, Malossi cone 20 ignition, Vespa electronic ignition.

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Reference: 171.0686


Polini PVL Programmer 171.0686

Coil kit with CDI control unit and Polini programmer Polini presents the coil with integrated CDI control unit combined with the PVL stator programmer, offering optimal control over the advance curve for personalized engine performance. Main features: - Coil with integrated CDI control unit (171.0685): Guarantees greater efficiency in spark delivery and...

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