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Ohvale spare parts
Ohvale spare parts

Ohvale spare parts

Ohvale engine spare parts, Ohvale 110 engine spare parts, Ohvale 160 engine spare parts, Ohvale 190 engine spare parts, engine parts for ohvale. Buy online spare parts for your Ohvale engine at discounted prices.

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Reference: 01.MO.0401.L

Brand: Ohvale

Ohvale Gp-0 Gp-2 slipper clutch 01.MO.0401.L

Ohvale Gp-0 Gp-2 slipper clutch. Ohvale code: 01.MO.0401.L Ohvale Gp-0 slipper clutch. Ohvale Gp-2 slipper clutch. EVR 190-212 slipper clutch for GP0 and GP2. EVR slipper clutch for pitbikes and minigp that have Daytona 150-190-212cc 4v and ZS 190-212cc 2v engines.

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