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Engine thermometer
Engine thermometer

Engine thermometer

Engine thermometer, in this category you will find engine thermometer, universal engine thermometer, motorcycle engine thermometer, multifunction engine thermometer, air engine thermometer, h2o engine thermometer, car engine thermometer, marine engine thermometer, petrol engine thermometer, diesel engine thermometer. Online engine thermometer at a discounted price with home delivery. Engine thermometer is an essential tool for all types of vehicles. Available: gpt engine thermometer, multi-brand engine thermometer.

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Reference: KT 13

Brand: Gpt

GPT aluminum temperature sensor and fitting kit

GPT water temperature sensor kit complete with hose connection. Available in 3 sizes of your choice: Probe kit complete with 13 mm aluminum fitting (minimoto) 10 mm internal passage Probe kit complete with 18 mm aluminum connection (scooter and kart) 15 mm internal passage Probe kit complete with 26 mm aluminum connection (motorcycles and maxi scooters)...

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