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Workshop tools, wide selection of motorcycle tools, minimoto tools, car tools, workshop equipment, workshop work tools. Wide range of workshop equipment: spoke wrenches, pneumatic levers, extractors, chain breakers, T wrenches, L wrenches, screw kits, spark plug wrenches, chain stripper. Buy workshop tools online at a discounted price.

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Reference: 5515740

Brand: Malossi

Malossi 5515740 strobe controller

Malossi 5515740 strobe controller Code: 5515740 This small-sized instrument not only allows the advance to be checked with disarming ease, thanks to a 200 lm flash with a duration of 10 µs and an extremely short delay (<1µs), but it also completely replaces the classic strobe guns, thanks to the its technical characteristics decidedly superior to many...

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Reference: 267000230

Brand: RMS

Spark plug wrench size 21 with joint

Spark plug wrench for 2, jointed version, hexagonal, 21x230 mm. Code: 267000230. The jointed spark plug wrench allows you to screw and unscrew the spark plug with a 21 mm hexagon, even in the least accessible points.

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Reference: Cav.001.xmotor


Minimoto work stand

Minimoto work stand. Workshop stand for minimoto, professional work tool in powder-coated metal. 3 height adjustments of the workbench, adjustable motorcycle position, the "fork" motorcycle support is adjustable in width, allows you to work on all the mini bikes on the market, such as: Polini, Dm, Blata, Grc, Stamas, Grc and others. Worktop: 95x45 cm. The...

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Reference: PbrATR1

Brand: PBR

Motorcycle chain remover (size and rivet chain)

Motorcycle chain detacher, cuts and rivets chain. The Atr1 motorcycle chain tool is the perfect tool for folding and opening the chain of your motorcycle. Made to last over time Atr1 is the professional tool for motorcycle chains made in Pbr. This tool can be used to bring out the chain pins, and when closing the chain to rivet the new joints.

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