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Minimoto gas control


Buy the best performing minimoto throttle control online at the best price. Wide range of minimoto accelerators and spare parts. Some brands covered: DM gas control, Stamas gas control, GRC gas control, Blata gas control, universal gas control.

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Reference: 045A

Brand: DM

Gas cable with long sheath for minimoto

Throttle cable with long sheath for pocket bikes with phbg carburettor, this new version of longer throttle wire and sheath allow you to work on the carburettor, simply by extracting it from the intake manifold and positioning it outside the frame, without having to remove the throttle cable. Sheath length 100cm. Gas wire length 116.5 cm.

Price €19.52
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Reference: 463530083

Brand: RMS

Red sheath for clutch brake gas cable 30 meters

Red sheath for gas, brake, clutch cable, 30 meters long. The sheath is coated inside with Teflon, to allow a better sliding of the cables, while the structure is in Teflon / metal for a longer life. External diameter 4mm, internal for cables up to 2mm. Compatible with all vehicles.

Price €56.00 Regular price €65.88
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Reference: 001002R04700

Brand: DM

Minimoto soft gas thread DM 90cm

Soft throttle wire for minimoto, this throttle cable allows you to reduce the force required to rotate the throttle, allowing you to accelerate more smoothly and quickly. The gas cable is 90 cm long, with a diameter of 1 mm. DM Code: 001002R04700

Price €9.41 Regular price €9.90
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Reference: 001002R03100

Brand: DM

Rapid gas throttle minimoto DM

Universal quick throttle control for minimoto, produced by Dm, compatible with: Stamas, Dm, Blata, Grc, Polini and others. Compatible with 21/22 mm handlebars. Knob length 115 mm Total length of throttle control 145 mm Code: 001002R03100

Price €23.18
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