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Reference: Bzm-105018020

Brand: BZM

Blata minimoto engine gaskets

Blata minimoto engine gaskets. Gasket kit for Blata, compatible with Ø36-37-40. Kit compatible with: Blata 40cc 2t engine gaskets Blata 50cc 2t engine gaskets The seals are compatible with replica and original Blata.

Price €18.00

Reference: 017010

Brand: BZM

Bzm minimoto piston for 50cc 2t

Bzm minimoto piston for 50cc 2t. Original Bzm piston diameter 40mm with flat head for 50cc 2t engines. Available in sizes: Piston bzm selection 0. Piston bzm selection A. Bzm piston AA selection. Piston bzm selection B.

Price €79.00
In Stock

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