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Reference: AKMM013002-60

Brand: BZM

Bzm Tcm minibike steering damper overhaul kit

Bzm Tcm minibike steering damper overhaul kit. Kit for overhauling the steering damper for Bzm minibikes, also compatible with Tcm. The kit includes: 2 Oil seals. 6 sealing O-rings (2 of which are not visible in the photo as they are mounted on the bushings). 2 aluminum bushes. Adjustment ring.

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Reference: Bzm-105018020

Brand: BZM

Blata minimoto engine gaskets

Blata minimoto engine gaskets. Gasket kit for Blata, compatible with Ø36-37-40. Kit compatible with: Blata 40cc 2t engine gaskets Blata 50cc 2t engine gaskets The seals are compatible with replica and original Blata.

Price €18.00

Reference: 017010

Brand: BZM

Bzm minimoto piston for 50cc 2t

Bzm minimoto piston for 50cc 2t. Original Bzm piston diameter 40mm with flat head for 50cc 2t engines. Available in sizes: Piston bzm selection 0. Piston bzm selection A. Bzm piston AA selection. Piston bzm selection B. Attention: The clearance between piston and cylinder must be approximately 0.040 (four hundredths).

Price €79.00
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