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PMT Tires Yesterday
As often happens for companies in the sector, PMT also comes from a passion: Modeling. In the '80s the young Alessandro Pauselli, followed by dad Umbro, timidly begins to try his hand at radio-controlled model cars. The rapid learning and improvement in the driving style led him to enroll in the Lazio Regional Championship, triumphing in the Junior category.
Following the search for better performances, and not being satisfied with the products on the market, Dad Umbro decided to develop tires for him with increasingly high performance characteristics to exploit that intuition beyond his personal goal. And it is from this intuition and from "going a little further" that the PMT was born.

PMT Tires Today
Today we are engaged in the production of small tires in the modeling and motorcycle industry. We have many international victories in all categories, thanks to a product that is the result of experience, continuous research, investments and lots of passion.
Nowadays PMT is recognized as a leader in the sector, with a distribution of its products on the five continents and a loyal clientele that makes us extremely proud. Thanks to our know-how and the particular attention to quality, today we are called to collaborate with major companies, and universities, in the realization of cutting-edge projects in the field of tires and technical rubber articles.

PMT Tires Tomorrow
The successes achieved, the objectives achieved and the growing number of our customers are the stimulus for continuous growth and research. The development of new materials, new products and new solutions is a constant challenge for us, projecting us beyond the last result achieved. Performance and quality are our field of competition, and like you we are not satisfied with a second place! Our motto is to win! ... Always win!

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Reference: MS10024-S00+MS10064-S00


Ohvale tires Pmt S

Pair of Pmt tires for Ohvale, the pair of Pmt tires for Ohvale consists of: 100/85 front tire and 120/80 rear tire in soft compound. Codes: MS10024-S00 MS10064-S00. Pmt tires branded Ohvale tires are the most used and performing on the market.

Price €149.40 Regular price €166.00
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Reference: Pmt-E-fire


Pmt 10x1,125 R6 E-fire

Pmt E-fire 10x1.125 6 inches. The new generation Pmt rubber for e-scooters, suitable for 6-inch rims. Category: E-Scooters Type: 10 "x 2.125 (R6.0) Design type: Urban Compound hardness: 52 Shore A Rubber width: 55 mm External diameter: 250 mm Design use: Street Use of compound: Universal Rim width: 35-45mm Pressures: 1.2-2.2 Bar / 18-32 PSI

Price €41.71 Regular price €43.90
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Reference: M088S34-B00


Pmt 130/40R6.5 B road

PMT 130 / 40R6.5 tire for electric scooter type: 6.5 "e-scooter type of design: road racing compound hardness: 56 shore A rubber width: 110mm rubber shoulder: 40 design use: road use of compound: racing pressures: 1.4 - 1.9 bar

Price €78.12 Regular price €84.91
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Reference: M088S14-B00


Pmt 90/60R6.5 hard B ROAD

Tire Pmt 90 / 60R6.5 hard B ROAD, only for racing use. Tire for electric and mini scooters, long life and reliability. Tire used on scooters such as the wolf warrior and many others. Code: M088S14-B00

Price €48.76 Regular price €53.00
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