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Minimoto production made in Italy

These are the foundations on which we have built our 40 years activity, constantly testing us in all areas of 2 and 4 wheels:
From research we have gained the experience necessary to provide an innovative and original product.
Competitions, in which we play always as protagonists at the highest levels, have been our test bench.
The aim to reach new technological achievements led us to design and build chassis of prototypes and models of car from autocross to F1, grand prix motorcycle, motocross, sidecar, street bike and mountain bike (suspoensions-free or full-suspended)  winning titles both nationally and globally.
The minibike project was born in 1991 to face a new challenge.
Year after year, it has been an extremely interesting test, especially because we realized this category may have been propedeutical, and now we know it’s really like this, to the training of riders for higher categories.
Many of the guys who started racing minibikes, now are competing at a high level in the italian, european and world speed championships.
Officially recognized by the F.M.I., the world of minibike, with nearly 700 riders, is the specialty that has the largest number of practitioners.
Since 1995, considering the growing number of pilots, F.M.I. officially established the minibikes Italian league for senior and junior categories.
DM is now the point of reference and professional support which can offer a guarantee of quality and safety to anyone who wants to look out to the world of minibikes.

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Reference: 044

Brand: DM

Swingarm Dm 2021 wheelbase 272 mm

Minimoto swingarm Dm 2021 center distance 272 mm. The new Dm 2021 swingarm has been reinforced and improved, allowing a better ride and a longer life even in conditions of maximum stress. The mini bike will be more responsive and stable. Dm code: 044

Price €559.98
In Stock

Reference: G.Dm.R.11

Brand: DM

Minibike adhesive graphics Dm 2020

Minibike adhesive graphics Dm 2020 redbull style with orange and yellow color base. Compatible with Dm model 2020 fairings. The graphics are adhesive does not require glue, just apply it on the hull. it is possible to change the race number on request

Price €120.00
In Stock

Reference: Prf post DM carbo

Brand: DM

Carbon rear mudguard for DM

Carbon rear fender for DM with aluminum swingarm from 2012 onwards. The lightest DM fender, only 35 grams. Compatible with original attachments, no changes are required.

Price €45.00 Regular price €50.00
In Stock

Reference: parafango ant carb DM

Brand: DM

Front DM mudguard in carbon

DM Minibike mudguard in carbon, unique design, durable and extremely light. The fender for DM in carbon is compatible with the original attacks, no modification is required. Weight: 56 grams

Price €45.00 Regular price €50.00
In Stock

Reference: 001001023000

Brand: DM

Minibike Dm junior official aria Iame Cs

ALS steel made with 16mm diameter tubes, it offers an elasticity 22 % higher than the SENIOR model, with a 300 gr weight saving… in the track this means: best rope achievement cornering, without affecting speed stability thanks to the 21 ° steering inclination .  CNC windshield mount, additional footrests front engine mount bushings New fiberglass matt...

Price €4,220.00 Regular price €4,350.52
In Stock

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