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Ohvale spare parts
Ohvale spare parts

Ohvale spare parts

Ohvale spare parts

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Reference: 3520.03-01-Ohvale

Brand: Domino

Ohvale throttle control with knobs

Ohvale throttle control with knobs. Throttle control complete with knobs for Ohvale Gp-0 Gp-2. Aluminum throttle with black knobs. With right knob overprinted on the tube. Support material: Aluminum Support finish: Painted Black colour Max travel: 57 mm Rapidity: 1.9 ° / mm Cable Type: Single cable

Price €51.24 Regular price €68.32
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Reference: cod. 4659

Brand: PBR

Crown Ohvale ergal

Crown Ohvale ergal hard 420# Available: Ohvale Crown 23 Ohvale Crown 24 Ohvale Crown 25 Ohvale Crown 26 Ohvale Crown 27 Ohvale Crown 28 Ohvale Crown 29 Ohvale Crown 30 Ohvale Crown 31 Ohvale Crown 32 Ohvale crown 33 Ohvale Crown 34 Ohvale Crown 35 Ohvale crown 36 Ohvale crown 37 Ohvale Crown 38 Ohvale Crown 39

Price €42.90 Regular price €55.00
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